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A Coin

While waiting for an airport shuttle bus, I was going through my wallet to find some tip money for the driver.  Unfortunately, I only had $20 bills and had to rummage through my change purse hoping I at least had enough quarters to put together a decent tip.  During this process, a dime fell out of my wallet and on to the ground.  Instinctively, I went to pick it up, but then quickly stopped.  I smiled.  I left the dime there thinking that maybe someone will see it and smile.  The person would pick it up in hopes that it would give them good luck or maybe just be happy about the small found treasure.  This put a whole bunch of happiness in me.  You see, I was flying to my grandfather’s funeral and this little coin had brought me something that I needed that day.

Isn’t it fun to find small treasures?  Whether it be the $5 bill you find in the pocket of a jacket you haven’t worn in a while or a book that you haven’t seem to find for a while that you want to look something up in or the song playing on the radio that you haven’t heard in ages and brings back a fond memory.  The possibilities are endless to find small treasures that bring you a bit of happiness in your day and in the days of others.



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