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I have written some of what I think are the most amazing blog posts in my head.  Why aren’t they on “paper” you ask?  Because I generally think of these ideas and formulate them when I’m doing something else.  Like drinking coffee.  Or sitting on my patio at night with a glass of wine listening to chill music and enjoying the outdoors trying to wind down my day.  At these times, I don’t really feel like getting up, turning on the computer and starting to put those amazing words down.  At these times, I think “I’ll remember this and write this down later.”  This happened to me this morning over my morning coffee.  I like to sit outside early in the morning, drink my coffee, slowly waking up to the world while listening to the birds.  Well, this morning it was the rain, which is just as beautiful.  As I was sitting there, I wrote another one of these blogs in my head.  I was so enjoying the moment that I just couldn’t bring myself to go inside, get the computer and write it all down.  I knew I really should have.  Those words have now escaped me and I don’t think I’ll get them back.  So now I am sitting here writing about the fact that I can’t write when I should.  Is this a form of procrastination?  Am I sabotaging my own success?  I really don’t know the answer to those questions right now.  Maybe after I finish this, I’ll go on a quest to try to find those words!



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